Apple to replace its logo with the fingerprint sensor.

According to sources close to the project, Apple’s on-screen fingerprint sensor will not make it into the next generation of iPhones, due to manufacturing hurdles. instead, the Cupertino’s giant is testing alternatives. The company is looking to embed the fingerprint sensor onto the back of the iPhone.

The iPhone since the first generation has had one main button, and that’s the home button, an iconic staple per se.

According to many recent rumors, the company has been looking for new ways (Courage) to improve its fingerprint sensor. Many reports suggest that Apple’s next-gen iPhones will have the fingerprint sensor embedded into the retina display.

It seems unlikely, at least by 2018, for Apple to perfect the retina display fingerprint sensor. If we are lucky, maybe we will see Apple integrate the fingerprint sensor in into the back logo

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