Hulu launch its live TV service at $39.99

Similar to Sling TV,  DirectTV Now, or Google’s Youtube TV; Hulu launches its own live TV service today, starting at $39.99.  Hulu is known for its next day on-demand video services. Even before my wife and I cut the cords on cable TV, we subscribed to Hulu service to accommodate our busy life. We don’t always have the time to watch live tv, So Hulu was the perfect option. Fast forward a year later, I find myself occasionally piggyback riding on my mothers Xfinity on demand for the Live events. Needless to say, we still use Hulu plus for its Chromecast streaming support, We are cord cutters because it can be expensive, and Hulu live TV is no different from Xfinity TV

At launch, Hulu live TV Comes with these channels:

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 11.19.44 AM

and in my case, 3 more local channels.  My conclusion is,  it’s too expensive and you might be better sharing someone’s Xfinity account.

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