Microsoft Surface Laptop HOT or NOT

The new surface has a lot to appreciate, from a beautiful design chassis to Italian Alcantara fabrics keyboard. The clamshell laptop is simply beautiful and aesthetically pleasing to all the senses. Microsoft really focuses on design and power the new Core I5 laptop claims to be faster than a MacBook Core i7 through optimization.

However, the laptop is not all diamonds and roses.  First, let’s talk IO: For a starting price of USD 999, The surface does not come with the standard USB type-c for charging or thunderbolt.

The new surface also comes with window S, meaning you are stuck inside of the windows less impressive app store. If you want to download better programs from more impressive developers, you are going to have to shove an extra 50 bucks down Microsoft’s throat.

If you are the kind of person who doesn’t necessarily use any program or want to use this strictly for school and you have an extra $1000 in your pocket, then the new surface laptop is the best laptop for you


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