5 Reasons Why the new Surface GO is Flop

Microsoft’s  New Surface go received a decent amount of press this week but is that enough to help the Microsoft’s slow death,  our editors don’t think so, we come up 5+ reasons why the new Surface Go is DOA

  1. Ugly Design: Microsoft has a pretty good track with hardware design, from the revolutionary hinges of the surface book and the sleek aesthetic of the surface studio, that luck doesn’t seem to translate well with the Surface Pro and Go. It’s bulky, with big ugly Microsoft bezel, It’s simply not where the industry is heading in 2018
  2. The price: The new Surface Go start at $399 entry level, without a keyboard,  mouse, pen that, $170+ more compared to the more apple more sleek and slim 7 gen iPad.  The new surface go price is to damn high
  3. the OS:  The Surface go will run window home s the same version of window shipped with the surface laptop. what that means is, that you CANNOT download software that is now part of the Microsoft store, and trust me the Microsoft store SUCKs
  4. Audience: It’s now clear who Microsoft is targeting with it’s way too expensive for anyone surface,  adding the cost of a type cover, a pen or mouse, plus  Microsoft office you are hitting  MacBook pro territory ( Students are not going to buy it).
  5. Microsoft store:  The Microsoft store is just not up to part with any other stores, despite Microsoft’s effort to recruit, developers just hate the Microsoft store. When they can sell you from their website royalty free.

and a lot more, the 4GB ram is mediocre, the Intel processor weak, the charging cable is humungous, although  you can charge it with type c, the cables are now included, and it’s not Thunderbolt,

pro: lots of I/O

So is the surface go a good buy?  We don’t think so but keep an open mind it might just work for you.

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