Apple refresh the MacBook line up.

Apple finally updates the MacBook to the lastest 8th Gen Intel processors. Here’s what you need to know; Apple is a leader in beautiful designs and useful laptops. They usually last longer than most. Not always the latest or the most powerful. With this new refresh, Apple surprised us all. Not only did Apple not have a keynote, but they do have quite a few tricks up their sleeves.

The MacBook is expensive, that’s for sure, with prices going all the way to $7000. The new line up does now support the Intel Core I9, with Rams up to 32GB thank to the upgrade to DDR4, and up to 4TB of NvME flash SSD at raid 0 that is. That makes the MacBook a very powerful computer.

If the 6 cores CoreI9’s not enough, the 15-inch MacBook does come with dedicated a Radeon 560x or 550x, And for the creative pro who simply wants a little bit more power. Apple partner with camera maker Blackmagic Design to release an external GPU (eGPU) with an AMD Radeon 580. Perfect  for most pro task

Apple embedded a new T2 chip, for onboard security and “Hey SIRI”, and claims to make a quieter keyboard. I personally don’t have an issue with my current 2016 MacBook keyboard in terms of noise level. In fact, it lets me know that my keys are registered

The Question is should you buy the new MacBook Pro? Well, Useless you have $7000 burning a hole in your pockets and you have the use for a 4TB max out Macbook pro. We cannot recommend it because of it’s simply overpriced, keep in mind you can always save a couple thousand if you go with less storage, less ram, and a lower tier Processor.


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